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Wed, 13 Dec 2017 Source: abrantepa.com

Artiste manager and showbiz critic, Bulldog, has expressed utmost disappointment in Sonnie Badu following the gospel musician’s call on Ghanaians to stop criticizing and insulting singer, Ebony for her style of dressing.

Sonnie Badu in an interview with Sammy K mounted a spirited defense for Ebony, asking critics to show her love instead of being hypocritical.

The Ghanaian UK-based gospel musician pointed out that Ebony has a management team who are aware of the kind of brand they are building.

“Everyone has a reason behind what they do; so before you criticize, listen to the person’s story and know what they have been through”.

“All Ebony needs is love. She has a great talent… Her style of dressing is not new to us. She was covered during her album launch. So find out her reason and just show love. I mind my business but this is not something I’d condemn. People nicodemusly watch performance after criticizing her. She has a management so leave her to do her thing,” he noted.

But Bulldog, known in real life as Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, popularly known as Bulldog, believes that Sonnie Badu’s assessment is nothing but a double standard.

According to him, the ‘Baba’ hit maker has no right to advice against criticism of Ebony after he [Sonnie Badu] subjected ‘One Corner’ hit maker, Patapaa to one.

“I’m disappointed. I share one of the things he said that we shouldn’t insult Ebony. I have criticized that she could get married and should watch how she dresses but for somebody like Sonnie Badu to say we are hypocrites for criticizing constructively…

“This is a gentleman who did a live video and chastised Patapaa’s song and few weeks down the line, you are here encouraging nakedness? Everybody that came at [criticized] Patapaa mixed the two. Nobody took Patapaa out of the equation. Sonnie Badu condemned Patapaa and is now advising us not to criticize Ebony? I think he should come again,” he said on Daybreak Hitz.

Sonnie Badu condemns ‘One Corner’ dance

In September this year, abrantepa.com reported that Sonnie Badu was alarmed by what he describes as ‘dangerous moves’ exhibited by people as they take part in the ‘One Corner’ dance craze and is therefore calling on authorities to put measures in place to restrict it.

In a video posted on social media, Sonnie Badu expressed worry over the extent some people go to demonstrate to colleagues and prospective viewers how crazy they can be.

“It’s getting dangerous. I saw someone climb an electric pole, I saw someone climb a tipper truck, I saw someone run under a car, and I saw someone dancing while cars were moving. Now this is getting out of hands. Do you want to wait until you hear somebody dead before you say ‘one corner’ killed him?” he queried.

“I’m getting concerned about the rate at which people are taking this to the extreme. I’ve seen people jump over people just to demonstrate what the ‘one corner’ means. I believe there would have been restrictions if it happened in other countries,” he added.

He however acknowledged the efforts of Patapaa, the performer of the song, and called on stakeholders to assist the youngster to achieve his goals.

Source: abrantepa.com
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