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I am not doing politics because of ministerial appointment - Rex Omar

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Mon, 4 Jan 2021 Source: attractivemustapha.com

Veteran Highlife musician Rex Omar who doubles as chairman for GHAMRO has revealed that he is not into politics because of a Ministerial appointment.

In recent times, some personalities within the Creative Arts have called on people in government to appoint an industry person instead of the usual politicians handling the affairs of Creative Arts.

Speaking in an interview with Journalist and Blogger Attractive Mustapha, about the way forward for 2021, the ‘Abiba’ hitmaker said that he is not involved in politics because of ambitions to be appointed or be a minister of the state.

''I am not doing politics for any position, I want that to be clear to you, when I am appointed as Deputy Minister, it will depend on who is the Minister''

I will not even accept any appointment when I can’t implement what I know, it will be better to be on my own than being a deputy minister and I can't affect any change.

We need an industry person to lead the creative industry but it should be one whose leadership capabilities can be felt.

Source: attractivemustapha.com