I became a victim of circumstance when my first marriage crashed – Diana Hopeson

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Tue, 12 Mar 2019 Source: kasapafmonline.com

Veteran gospel artiste Diana Hopeson formerly Diana Akiwumi has revealed how she had to struggle in life after her first marriage failed .

Expressing her views on how individuals especially women can rebuild their life from scratch after going through victimization, she advised that one should be bold enough to let go the past and focus on what they intend to achieve.

Speaking on the Christian Entertainment Review Show hosted by Belinda Akosua Biamah Asiamah on GN TV, the former MUSIGA president reminisced about how her first failed marriage became topical making her lose her prominence as a revered gospel artiste.

According to her, many had unknowingly blamed her for her marriage misfortunes because society has always tagged women as the ones responsible for separation in marriages.

Emotional Diana Hopeson revealed that the problem that led to the collapse of her first marriage was entirely a medical, emotional and psychological issue on the part of her former husband.

“How does it feel like when after you’ve dreamt for your music to be recognized and the whole nation has recognized your talent, everybody knows you and all of a sudden the very team you had, you and your husband are seen everywhere and then the next moment you’re fronting headlines that you guys have separated.

“For four weeks, my unsuccessful first marriage was still the headline story. That was the situation I found myself in. I realised that I have become a victim of circumstance because anytime there is a separation in marriage, it is the women’s fault but in my case, it was a medical, emotional and psychological issue. I felt that I should start life all over again and that was the first thing that gave me the breakthrough.” She said on the CER Show

Recuperating after the marriage had crashed, Mrs. Hopeson began a new life by doing things she would have loved to do naturally.

“All the things that happened to me, I didn’t call for it, It just happened so I went back to the source [GOD] to ask him what do we make out of this.

“I started doing things that I would have loved to do naturally that I couldn’t do like learning how to swim, learning how to drive and going back to school till that time when everybody has forgotten about our past.”

She further stated how terribly this affected her ministry and family since she had seen wealth and success in her career and had ministered and affected a lot of people.

“God has been really faithful to me because there were times I felt so lonely so I will go to bed and I will wish God took me that night. It is good to have an itinerary by taking a second look at your life and rethinking through to make it better for you.

“There are people who have money but have died, others who haven’t been through what I have been through but are unable to walk. I told myself never to be a victim of this circumstance. If you believe the lies of the devil and you accept it, you’ll fall victim to his tricks.

“The only way you can overcome the awkward situation you find yourself in is to start all over again.” Diana Hopeson added

Source: kasapafmonline.com