I consulted Oracles to confirm Castro’s death - Asamoah Gyan

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Sun, 2 Jul 2017 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Black Stars Captain Asamoah Gyan has confirmed he resorted to Oracles to in an attempt to find out the whereabouts of his friend, Castro.

He disclosed that after news of Castro's disappearance broke, he was distraught and decided to consult Oracles.

He explained that after the last search team arrived in distress with the jet ski of Castro after failing to locate him, he tried hard to dispel the notion of his death.

"The last search team that went in search of him returned after about ten minutes with an extra jet ski which was the same one he rode. I broke down crying after they told me lots of people have drowned at the portion of the river Castro went jet skiing and for several years they haven't been found but i was still confident my friend was alive" he revealed

He noted that the disbelief led him to give in to suggestions that he consults an Oracle for Castro's whereabouts to be made known.

He disclosed that they consulted two oracles, both of whom gave the same chronology of events that led to his friend's death.

It was after consulting the oracles that he came to the conclusion that his friend, Castro is dead.

"After consulting the first Oracle, the gentleman who led us there said that if we doubt the outcome we were told, there is another very powerful Oracle in a settlement nearby. I was desperate to know where my friend was so we decided to consult that one too but i opted not to go because i was too down at that point. Coincidentally, the second Oracle narrate something very similar to what the first said according to those who went there" he remarked

He emphasized that “for me I was there, my entourage were there, from what the person said and from what I observed, i can strongly say that under (castro) is dead because i was there”

Castro went missing three years ago in Ada after he and Asamoah Gyan together with their crew went partying.

He is said to have drowned trying to save a female friend with whom he went jet skiing in Ada.

Despite not having been seen since the disappearance, Castro has not yet been declared officially dead.

According to police regulation, missing persons can only be declared as dead after 7 years of disappearance.

Recounting the experience on The Delay Show, Asamoah Gyan stated that even though he misses his friend, he has moved on with life and accepted the reality.

July 6th marks exactly three years since his disappearance.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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