'I did not betray Bola Ray' – Giovani clarifies

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Wed, 14 Oct 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Popular TV and Radio Presenter, Giovani Caleb has for the first time opened up about his exit from the Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) Network - owners of Starr FM, GH One, Kasapa FM - among others.

Speaking to Ghanaweb’s Elsie Bubuama on the Talkertainment Show, the former Starr FM Drive Time host disclosed that he still maintains a very healthy relationship with his former boss despite his exit from the media company.

Giovani who now works with Media General said rumours that he was not loyal and left Starr FM when the company was struggling financially are wide off the mark.

According to Giovani, the decision to leave EIB was not because of money but a desire to pursue other ventures and challenges.

He emphasized that Bola Ray understood his decision to pursue other interests and gave him his blessing.

“No, I did not betray Bola Ray. He actually gave me his blessing. I think he is one man I’ll forever have that respect for. He relates to the hustle of young upcoming broadcasters who are coming through. I started from Radio Universe, the same place he started with DJ Black and after he rose through the ranks and is now a CEO. I mean Bola has been that man. Talking about contemporary broadcasters and what they can do, I always give credit to Bola for that. He gave us a platform and we delivered but it was time to move on.”

Earlier in 2019, key personalities of the EIB group including Naa Ashorkor, Anita Erskine, Kafui Dey, Giovani Caleb and Berla Mundi left the media conglomerate, and thus fuelled rumours that the company was going through a financial crisis.

Speaking on the issue at the 2019 IYES conference in Accra, Bola Ray expressed shock at the way some of his staff left the company. Bola Ray also admitted that money had become a challenge with payment of salaries in arrears.

“In the month of August 2018, I had a lot of people walking away. It got to a point, anybody who walks into my office, I ask are you resigning?. It has taught me one lesson in life that there are people who on your journey will come with you. It’s not because they like you…but they have their intent. When you encounter a storm, they will leave. When those hurdles come, don’t give up, and be loyal to the people who put you there. Loyalty is key,” the EIB boss emphasized.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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