Entertainment Tue, 30 Sep 2014

“I don't give attention to singles & not struggling to release hit songs either”

CEO of TN Records, Nana Kwaku Duah, well-known as Tic Tac has told Flex Newspaper that he doesn't give much attention to releasing single tracks.

He said this when he was asked if he possibly might be struggling to come out big as he was some years ago.

“I am not struggling for a hit because sometimes you drop a song it will fly, other times too you will drop and it won't. I am not getting a hit song because my last album was the 'Ten day' album which had one of the biggest hit with 'Bosoe' and from there I haven't dropped any album again," he said.

Adding, "I have released a single but not an album but normally I think because we are from the generation of the album, so when we drop an album we turn to give it more extra focus than just the single."

He further noted, "May be that has been the tradition for me. Let`s see what happens. God willing, I will be releasing the seventh album and the public can judge for themselves."

According to Tic Tac, “My seventh album will be coming out before December and I am trying to re-brand. I am trying to get back to the root and push to the root because I can see that it's who we are. I am a rapper, a singer, and I do more.”


Asked what he makes of the current crop of musicians he said it was good to have people grow and to see different faces in the music industry.

“Without them, there will never be growth and I wouldn't have had my time. I think the new guys are doing fantastic. Most of them have unique skills. From the beginning, they all knew they are going to have their style because we had our style," he said.

Indicating that "they have to nurture their style to grow and once they do that they can stay for a very long time. Many have come, and others will still follow.”

He further stated that when one's time is rife they need to make good use of it and make sure they stay relevant, because they can never be number one forever.

Source: Flex Newspaper