I don't know lot of sex positions but doggy is the best – Cryme Officer

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Sun, 31 May 2020 Source: TMGH Live

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OGB Records’ newly signed act, Cryme Officer, spoke at length on Front View by TMGHLIVE, he became a household name on the day he officially joined the label.

His signing was accompanied by props that involved eggs and schnapps to the disbelieve of folks on the internet. That shot his name among the highest trending musician on that day.

He shared his personal life, and the things he does within and outside music on FRONT VIEW. Even though he likes social life, he isn’t involved in a lot because music takes much of his time.

He revealed that he tries a lot of positions during sex without knowing the names, but the one he remembers and enjoys most is Doggy.

Watch Cryme Officer On FRONT VIEW Below:

Source: TMGH Live