I don’t need to win an award to show what I’m made of - Camidoh

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Fri, 23 Apr 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian musician, Camidoh has explained that he doesn’t need to win awards to gain validation or show what he is made of.

According to him, he has impacted a lot of lives through his craft as a musician; adding that his works are out there to show.

“I don’t need to clock it; I don’t need to win it to show that you know… VGMAs is just like, growing up, that has been the mark to show that this artiste is in the industry so getting to this level, I’m so happy and I don’t need to win the award to confirm or validate that there is an artiste in Ghana’s music industry called Camidoh.

“I’ve made some impacts. In fact, if I had not made any impact, I don’t think that I will be nominated in the VGMAs, in the 3 Music Awards,” he said.

He made this statement on the ‘Talkertainment’ show hosted by Elsie Lamar on GhanaWeb TV.

Going ahead to talk about whether he is expecting to win an award or be disappointed if he doesn’t, Camidoh made it known that being nominated already means you are deserving of the award.

“My manager used to say one thing and he always tells me like one thing, which is, as long as you’ve been nominated, it means that you are deserving of the award. At the end of the day, votes are going to allow the award to go to one person.

“I don’t think I have broken through the whole of Ghana. We still discuss me pushing my work through the Upper East, the Northern side, Takoradi, and the other parts of Ghana. Hence, I feel the nomination was just a recognition that I'm doing some work, and that motivated me a lot," he added.

Watch the interview below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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