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I don’t regret sacking Mentor contestant, that’s who I am – Abiana

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Thu, 1 Jun 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian singer cum TV3 Mentor guest judge, Abiana, has established that she doesn’t regret her conduct towards a TV3 Mentor contestant, which was highly condemned on social media.

Earlier in October 2022, Abiana was trending back-to-back, over a viral video where she was seen during the Mentor X1 auditions, sacking a contestant for poor performance.

The singer was thoroughly trolled on social media, amidst scores of insults and attacks when that particular video went viral.

But recounting the incident 7 months down the lane, Abiana, in a latest interview with GhanaWeb TV has disclosed that she doesn’t regret her actions.

Speaking with Talkertainment show host, Elsie Lamar, the ‘Adun le’ hitmaker said there wasn’t any better way she could have expressed herself, adding that she is a brutally honest person.

“That is me and I cannot regret who I am. It is me! I cannot say I regret. I don’t. If I regret, it means God will be angry with me. See, I have a little sister at home and she said she wants to teach me how I can be nice and pretend. I am a ruthless honest person. I don’t know how to hide something which is bad but I have realized that in the public space and where we are as Ghanaians, people don’t like it when you are bluntly honest,” she established.

Abiana said, she could possibly work on her composure but for her opinions, she cannot suppress them.

“Maybe I will reconstruct my composure, maybe that one, not everyone will get it. This is just who I am, I cannot pretend. I am very strong-willed. Very, very! And I will continue to speak the truth,” she added.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com