I felt discriminated when Van Vicker refused to shake my hand - Sunsum

Mon, 9 Jul 2018 Source: ghbase.com

Kumawoo actor has said in his interview with Delay on ‘The Delay Show’ that he felt disrespected when Ghallywood actor refused to shake hands with him when they met some time ago in public.

The Kumawood actor told Delay that, since that incident, he had vowed never to talk to Van Vicker or even get close to him again should they meet again somewhere.

The actor who lamented on the show said that he felt he was been discriminated when Van Vicker refused to shake his hand when he extended his hand for a handshake and that Van Vicker only wanted to give him a fist and not a handshake.

Sunsum feels Van Vicker shouldn’t have acted in that manner considering the fact that they are all in the same industry.

When Delay suggested to him that, it could be that, he just wants to give the fist and not have any ill thoughts, Sunsum disagreed with her, saying that his facial expression also gave him the indication that, Van Vicker was just not ready to shake him.

“I met Van Vicker and some other people. I raised my hand to shake everybody present and when it got to Van Vicker’s turn, he decided not to shake my palm but rather give me a fist; something I saw as discriminatory and disrespectful. Since then I’ve decided not to cross paths with him.” He said.

Source: ghbase.com