I'll continue to respond to social media trolls - Irene Logan

Irene Logan Social Media Irene Logan

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 Source: livefmghana.com

Songtress Irene Logan in the past few months has had to deal with trolls on Social Media, especially on Twitter for sharing her views on issues, and even for her personal choices.

Logan has been literally forced to sometimes respond to the attacks, which critics say is unnecessary, but the ‘Medowo’ singer has defended the need for her to respond to trolls.

She tells Live FM‘s Vanessa Gyan on Mid-morning show Lifestyle Cafe Friday Morning that it sends out a message to her fans to stand up for themselves and not allow anyone to bully them.

“… responding means teaching someone to stand for themselves. The more you are in the industry, you realize that people can’t walk up to you in person and be rude so they hide behind the internet to try to bully you.” she said.

Logan also spoke about her upcoming album, saying it is ‘ready’, and her team are shooting a documentary as a prelude to the album release.

She won the first edition of music reality show ‘Stars of The Future’ organized by events company, CharterHouse in 2006. She was a part of the group ‘Irene and Jane’ with Soul Singer Efya, who was the first runner-up after the competition ended.

They went their separate ways after their first album ‘Unveiled’ in 2011.

She has since released a number of songs which has won her a large fanbase.

Source: livefmghana.com