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I’ll never forget when I was labeled as ‘the lady with a hard face’ – Abiana

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Wed, 7 Jun 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian singer, Abiana, has recalled one of the many harsh comments she once received from a troll on social media.

The popular singer said she has endured countless insults on social media lately, most of which she takes with a pinch of salt, but the most interesting one was directed at her looks.

Earlier, when being placed on the ‘chopping board’ after sacking a TV3 Mentor contestant for non-performance during auditions, Abiana was captured in the social media trends, particularly Twitter, for a while.

Recalling some of the interesting comments she came across during that period during an exclusive interview with GhanaWebTV's Elsie Lamar, she expressed: “I read every single comment. I am telling you that I read every single comment and I can tell who said what. There is one comment, I’ll always remember and that is, Obaa enim denden (a lady with a hard face).

"Sometimes when the insults are harsh, I mostly go and spy their pictures on their profile and reserve my comment. Sometimes I compare their looks to mine, I thank my God because there is a sharp contrast between my looks and theirs. At least my face might be hard but it is nice. I know when someone is making an opinion, it is based on their belief, their upbringing, values and so on.”

Abiana added that although she was excited about being in the trends effortlessly, her family, on the other hand, was hurt.

“The fact that I paid no money to trend and I was trending for over a week excited me. I was okay but my family members were hurt. My parents, siblings and all. My sister in abroad called me and was almost crying. It hurts but how I have been brought up and the things I have gone through has built me up,” she added.

Abiana, who said she now bears the tag of a ‘mean judge’ recalled an instance where a trader from Makola market identified her only by that incident.

“Eii Are you not Abiana? The lady who told the guy out out on TV?” she mimicked the said woman.

Meanwhile, Abiana is currently promoting her new single titled 'Far Away', which features Fameye.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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