Entertainment Fri, 23 Sep 2005

I loved J.J, But ..... -Lady T

"I met the President and I loved him so much and he liked me. We spoke and we developed some love between us. And the more people talked about me and him made me really love him. Because he is married and has a family I didn't want to disturb. So when I heard his wife was attacking me, I felt pity, I mean sorry for her..."

Nana Esi Korre I, a.k.a Lady Tamara was responding to questions the Ovation Magazine had asked her pertaining to her relationship with former President Rawlings of Ghana.

Lady Tamara, a sexy danger by profession, disclosed that her love for the former President was getting on the nerves of the former first lady, Konadu Agyeman Rawlings.

The sexy dancer explained further that though Rawlings was in love with her, they were not dating thus she was surprised and got mad at the behaviour of the former first lady who she (Tamara) described as someone who was doing a very good work and speaks very good English.

Lady Tamara, speaking about her children in an interview with the Ovation Magazine said she has a half-caste child with some one who is half Scottish and half Ghanaian. She said she has two other children in addition but not with Ghanaians.

Lady Tamara reiterated that she was not dating the former President. She added that even if she wanted to, the former first lady could not have stopped it.

"The word ?date', if I were dating the husband (Rawlings) and really loving the husband she (Konadu) wouldn't be there", Lady Tamara said adding that: It doesn't work. I am an artiste, a restauranteur. I entertain customers. I tease men. I do that a lot. That doesn't mean that I'm going to sleep with all my customers, none of them will come back. ?Oh yesterday I was with Tamara, we made love. Why should I go there again?' you don't have to sleep with them, they keep on coming. Enjoying champagne and wines and enjoying my cooking. I don't do things like that".

Lady Tamara complained that the media had not treated her well. She mentioned Mr. Kofi Coomson, owner of the Chronicle newspaper as one person she would kill as revenge any time she met him. Lady Tamara said she was half Catholic, a half voodoo and a daughter of ?Akonode'. She swore by the shrine that she would kill Mr. Coomson, adding that she would prefer to leave her children and go to jail as long as she gets the opportunity to kill Mr. Coomson, who she accused of running her business downy publishing her naked pictures in the papers.

Lady Tamara explained that the said pictures which depicted her nudity were taken by her boyfriend in their bedroom and not in a strip club as speculated. She said she hid the pictures in her secret drawer in her room. She expressed surprise at how these pictures got to the press. Lady Tamara said she was forty-two years of age, has eleven houses located at Airport West and Airport Residential area. She added that she has six cars including three Range Rovers, a Peugeot and a Pajero. She also contested for a parliamentary seat twice and lost on both occasions.

Source: Ovation Magazine