Entertainment Wed, 30 Jun 2010

"I’m A Ghetto Boy" –Kevin Prince Boateng

Kevin Prince Boateng , Black Stars’ central midfielder, has given an insight into his personality and upbringing, stressing that playing for the national team makes him feel more like a true Ghanaian than he had ever felt in his life.

Boateng, 23, is reported to have explained that though he was born in Germany and has a German mother, he was not pampered as a child and had a real experience of street life.

The celebrated midfielder calls himself a “Ghetto Kid” and explained that he grew up in one of the poorest parts of Berlin called Wedding and that it was not a place where rich people stay.

Indeed, Wedding has a very high unemployment rate and most of the people there survive on social welfare while others live below the poverty line. The area also has a large migrant population and rents are quite low.

Kevin is 1 meter 84 centimeters tall, light-skinned and sexy-looking: Though many Ghanaian ladies have fallen in love with him, News One has gathered that the midfielder is already married to his high school sweetheart Jenney, and they have a child.


Kevin said his wife has been very influential in his life and career and that she has managed to ‘tame’ him from a very happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

“I was young and dumb. My wife brought me back down to earth when she said 'Who do you think you are?'…I'm a father now and grown up. I don't want to go out clubbing Saturday nights. I love going home to play with my little boy and that has helped me fulfill my potential," he noted.

On the many tattoos on his body, Kevin Boateng revealed that he has thirteen and that each of them symbolizes a different thing. He said the tattoo on his arms represents Africa and Ghana and that there is another one that represents his dear wife.

“Here you see Africa and Ghana from my father…I have the name of my wife and my home town, Berlin. I also have two jokers; one is smiling and the other crying. It means laugh now, cry later,” Kevin Boateng told a Berlin newspaper.

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