Entertainment Fri, 28 Feb 2014

I’m sexy by nature - Ghanaian actress Kisa

Actress-cum-musician Kisa Gbekle has put out her most recent photos and it is obvious she has whipped herself into a sexy figure.

The beautiful actress, who is believed to be in her early 20s, has certainly done a great job on her body and what seems to have helped her is the fact that she has also stopped taking heavy meals.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo about her new looks, Kisa said she was born sexy and therefore did not need to do extra work to look that way. She also claimed to be a virgin.

What have you done to your body?

I did nothing to my body. I am surprised, because you are the first saying this.

But did you notice a change in your body?


No, I did not.

How do you stay sexy?

I was born sexy. I don’t need to do anything to be sexy but I do a whole lot of stuff to stay sexy, like watch my diet and workout sometimes; relax enough and work hard.

How much time do you spend getting sweaty these days?

I usually don’t have time so l hit the gym once in a week.

What’s the most extreme thing you have done to keep your sexy figure?


I watch my diet. I watch the food l eat. I know when and how to eat.

What kind of food don’t you eat at what time?

I take fruits mostly. I don’t eat heavy at night. I love natural food. I don’t eat ,em>banku (akple), fufu and rice at night. But those are my favourites though.

Do you have a particular person whose looks you admire?

Yeah, it is Kim Kardashian.

What do you like about her body?


She is well curved. Not too big and not too small. She does whatever she feels is right...She is always herself.

Does your body attract men?

Wow, no comment.

I hear you are a virgin?

Ooh yes.

What’s new about Kisa?

Nothing really new, just the old me, Kisa. The hard working Kisa is still the same.

How did you get into acting?

I used to do stage drama and dancing, so when I went to senior high school I joined the drama troupe. I came out as one of the best and when I completed SHS, the Volta Regional Theatre sent me to Ghallywood Academy, where I did well too and had the Best Supporting Actress.

After Ghallywood, I went to Kumasi to do some movies with my Ghallywood mates and came back to Accra. I met Director John Izedonmi and he gave me the first role in ‘Stand By Me’ in the English movie sector. Later Abdul Salam took me and made me his secretary for Venus Films. I did a couple of movies there too and Director Pascal Amanfo also featured me in his movies.

Source: Francis Addo-News One