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I thank God for not making my enemies excited - Afia Schwarzenegger after car accident

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Tue, 24 Jan 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ghanaian socialite, Afia Schwarzenegger, has thanked God for sparing her from becoming a laughing stock for her adversaries after surviving an accident.

She said in a live video she uploaded to TikTok that, rather than risking her life, the car damage was something material that could be fixed with money.

“I thank God for not making me the laughing stock of my enemies. I thank you, God. The Bible asks us to thank God in all things, so I stand here at noon today. I thank the God of Bishop Ayedepo, I thank the God of Mogpa, I thank the God of Ogyaba, and I commit my children and properties into the hands of God in Jesus’s name.

“This is just a cost, but God is a true God. It wasn't just my car that got damaged, but there was another car involved that was far more damaged than mine, and I am still going to pay for it, but I thank God because no one died and blood didn't pour,” she said.

According to Afia, she purchased the damaged car with the intention of selling it after fixing a few problems, but she can no longer do so because of the damage.

“These are material things. In his infinite mercy, the same God who prevented things from happening will make way for me to sort this mess out. I went to buy the car so I could fix it and sell it off, but look at the car. Look at the end of it. This is the end of the car.

“It's a covenant highway 2023 for us, and the devil will not win. The devil will not win this one. Look at the back of the car, nothing works, not even the door. He is a faithful God. God said he would not give us battles we couldn't fight,” she added.

She also articulated that if God hadn't spared her life, she would have passed away, leaving her children to be cared for by the rest of the world.

“I thank God for my children. By this time, it would have been their mother lying down dead, and the world would have to come and take care of them. God is faithful, God is so real, and God is honest. He said, "Call upon me, and I shall answer you,” she thanked God.

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