'I wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music while growing up' – Giovani Caleb

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Wed, 14 Oct 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Media Personality, Giovani Caleb, has recounted days as a growing adult where he was restricted by his parents from listening to secular music.

This according to him was one out of several other interests his strict Christian parents placed an embargo on.

Speaking exclusively on Takertainment, the 3FM Drive time show host stated that, the only place he could freely visit was church and the only program he was allowed to watch was a news bulletin.

“My family is relatively reserved and quiet. Boundaries were set so we did not take a lot of things for granted. I was a typical church boy. I grew up from a house where the only thing you are allowed to listen to is news. You cannot even watch movies. As for the ones with kissing scenes, I can’t remember watching any at that time. I wasn’t even allowed to listen to secular music in my own home. My parents will constantly let us listen to gospel music but now look at me. I play secular music for a living,” he said.

He added, at a point where most of his peers were having girlfriends, he was scared to approach one because of the stern warning he received from his parents.

“I wasn’t really into this boyfriend-girlfriend thingy. Immediately you tell your parents you have a girlfriend, the first thing that comes to thier mind is that you’ll impregnate somebody’s daughter. The temptation was there. Friends were telling me about their relationship and I had zero knowledge about it,” he asserted.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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