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I won’t kowtow to societal pressure, I live within my means – Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson has sent a piece of advise to her followers and friends who look up to her.

According to the actress, it’s better to live withing ones means and not flaunt things that do not exist just for the world to known that things are going well with you.

She noted that for the kind of Job she does, she and other colleagues need to meet some level of expectation but that according to her, will prevent her from moving at her own pace.

She mentioned that it’s better not to be revered and live your life to the fullest than to be hailed and not have anything to your name.

Yvonne Nelson mentioned that she has her own house and is not living in a rented apartment.

Her post read ” Lil advice to every young person who looks up to me…..PLS DONT LET SOCIAL MEDIA FOOL YOU!!!! Most of the flyyyy life you see celebs putting out there isnt real….peeps got to keep up! Yea its kind of part of the job but its too much work for me, im being myself here, (for those living on jupiter) im sorry, down here on earth where i live, i can wear my hermes slippers a million times! I can even swim and bath with it!!! Its mine! I can even go to bed with it!! Its mine! Im not pressured to please anyone! Im living my life steadily….at my own pace….if i dont post your definition of flyyyy, thats ok…afterall where i sleep at night is the flyest! And its all mine not RENTED! Thanks”.

Source: Mynewsgh.com
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