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I wouldn’t have signed the contract with Highly Spiritual if I had a lawyer – Mr Drew

Drew. Mr Mr. Drew

Wed, 2 Aug 2023 Source: myxyzonline.com

Ghanaian musician Mr. Drew has opened up about his contract with Kaywa’s Highly Spiritual label, expressing regret for not seeking legal advice before signing it.

During an Instagram live session, Mr. Drew acknowledged Kaywa’s unwavering support for his talent but admitted that if he had consulted with a lawyer at the time, he would have declined the contract. He realized that his mistake was not having legal representation, which led to overlooking certain loopholes in the agreement.

“I should have had a lawyer review the contract from Kaywa’s label. When I eventually had a lawyer look at it, we discovered some aspects that were not favorable,” Mr. Drew explained.

Reflecting on his experience, the “Dw3” hitmaker expressed concern for others and mentioned that he would advise against his younger brother signing a similar contract with Highly Spiritual Music if he ever decides to pursue a music career.

“I wouldn’t allow my younger brother to sign the same contract I was given by Kaywa’s label if he chooses to enter the music industry,” Mr. Drew added emphatically.

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Source: myxyzonline.com
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