‘If You Were Mine’ premiere hits a snag

Mon, 23 Feb 2015 Source: Florence Naa Oyoe Quartey | GhanaWeb

The premiere of the movie ‘If You Were Mine’ held at the National Theatre on February 21, 2015 turned out to be quite a disappointment to viewers.

Notwithstanding the sighting of the movie on the market before the premiere, the main event to outdoor it had low attendance, technical problems and only one actor starring in the movie was present for the premiere.

Starring in the movie were ace Ghanaian movie players like Majid Michel, Roselyn Ngissah, Salma Mumin, Maame Adjoa Adom Obimpeh, Kweku Elliott who was present at the premiere, beautiful Nigerian actress, Rukky Sanda and the director of the movie, award winning director, Pascal Amanfo.

Besides the late start of the movie, due to a strategic unannounced cocktail reception, it took a number of rewinding of the movie to finally stabilize the movie player being projected on a white screen at the National Theatre.

‘If You Were Mine’ is a story based on a dream. It’s about a young man called Max (Majid), a senior editor of a reputable magazine who came across a mysterious lady, Ashanti (Rukky) hanging out with her friends at the club.

Max was swept off his feet at the mere sight of her beauty. Ashanti snubbed Max after he introduced himself to her. But after a few attempts, he ended up with her on his bed but left silently without a trace. Max made it a point to stalk her until she accepts to date him.

The two soon became inseparable as Ashanti had filled every space in Max’s heart to the extent that he forgot to prepare for a presentation but was able to convince the board members based on how he felt for Ashanti.

Within a short time, Max had proposed and it was at that time Ashanti’s Ex-boyfriend came causing trouble for her.

The movie drew some laughter from viewers when one of Ashanti’s friends kept collapsing after she was introduced to him as her fiancé and the other was Max’s married friend, played by Pascal Amanfo, who always glorified marriage but was caught being beaten by his wife.

In as much as the National Theatre auditorium was expected to be full, not many people attended including most of the actors who starred in the movie.

Attendees at the premiere expressed both excitement and disappointment because they unfortunately did not see most of the actors and actresses of the movie.

Elorm Fugah, who spoke to GhanaWeb after the premiere said, “The movie was quite a good one though I was not impressed with the storyline”.

Another attendee Nathaniel Johnson said, “In fact, I wasn’t impressed at all; especially with the makeup. I think they could have done better because the story was confusing at some point. But one good aspect about the movie is the comedy aspect. I had a good laugh with my friends”.

Kweku Elliot, who acted as Ashanti’s ex-boyfriend, in an interview with GhanaWeb came to the rescue of his colleagues saying they had to attend to other issues that were equally important while adding that he was not really happy about the turnout.

“The turnout wasn’t really good probably because it’s been out for a while now and already showed on TV. This premiere was just to initiate the movie to the public.

"Unfortunately, the actors are very busy as at now. Majid is a close friend of mine and I called him severally but he couldn't show up. He however, extends his apologies,” Kweku explained.

Kweku Elliot said the moral of the movie is that relationships are not based on first appearances. “It’s not right to meet a lady or gentleman a few times and jump into marriage without getting to know them better and doing background checks”.

The movie produced by Kobi Bartels had a lousy makeup and a confusing storyline as one of the attendees of the premiere indicated. Thankfully, it was all a dream.

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Source: Florence Naa Oyoe Quartey | GhanaWeb