Tabloid News Sun, 7 Nov 1999

Incredible!...Woman, 54, delivers mysterious twins

The P & P in a lead story reports that a 54-year-old virgin, Madam Ama Pinamang of Breman in Kumasi, has given birth to twins after carrying the pregnancy for eight years. What is more, the paper says, that the woman claimed she never had sex with any man before taking the seed which produced the twins.

The P & P says the elderly woman shocked the people of Ntensere-Sunkwa, a village on the Kumasi-Sunyani road, who had rushed to the Emmanuel Salvation Church to witness the ‘miraculous birth’.

She is reported to have told her audience that she had consulted a number of spiritual healers to help her get rid of the eight-year pregnancy but to no avail.

Continuing, the paper says Madam Pinamang disclosed that on August 1, this year, she heard about the Emmanuel Salvation Church and what Apostle Anthony Ahenkan was doing there. She said she was tired with walking around with her enormously protruding belly, so she went to the prayer camp and pleaded to be prayed upon for ‘burden to ease off’.

"Immediately Pastor Ahenkan saw me, he told me to leave his premises with my devilish ways. I then went down on my knees and pleaded with him to intercede for me.

He then asked whether I was prepared to confess an evil deed I committed some eight years ago", She is quoted as saying. The P & P says Madam Pinamang confessed that eight years earlier, her younger sister died through child-birth. She alleged that the twin babies of her younger sister were still-born, but confessed before her audience that she killed her sister and the twins spiritually.

According to her, barely two weeks later she found that her tummy had started protruding like that of a pregnant woman. The paper says after the confession, Apostle Ahenkan decided to exorcise the devil in her.

The P & P says in an interview, Apostle Ahenkan disclosed that on October 10, this year, he invited Madam Pinamang for prayers. "We laid our hands on her and prayed seriously for hours. Later, she went into a trance and when she recovered, she started showing signs of labour. She delivered a set of twins successfully", Apostle Ahenkan is quoted as saying.

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