Irene Logan to refresh Ghanaian music


Mon, 23 Sep 2013 Source: Bernard Buachi, Kumasi

Ghanaian musician Irene Logan may seem for a while to have been lost from the music score sheets.

Well, she has been explaining her reason for not churning out new tracks for a while. She tells KFM’s Kwame Scientific she has been “re-branding” herself.

Irene says she is not happy with the current monotony in Ghanaian music. “I took a step back because all the music in the system became the same”.

She also revealed to Kwame Scientific on KFM’s music countdown programme that she is coming up with “something new and refreshing”.

The music Diva reveals she has been working hard behind the scene. She now has a new song with Pee Wee of Cue Studios. She is currently working on an album called “Rebirth”.

She says she is excited working with Pee Wee because he “brings out the best in her”. Her working relationship with Cue Studios is something to watch out for as she indicates her intention to do a lot of songs with the studio that recently relocated to Accra from Kumasi.

Irene Logan just couldn’t stay off Azonto as she revealed her stance on the “battle for Azonto’s ownership”.

She says Sarkodie gave birth to Azonto and contributed significantly to spreading it across the world and hence should be given credit.

Source: Bernard Buachi, Kumasi