Is Kumi Guitar projecting wealth OR artistry?

Kumi Guitar1 Car Kumi Guitar with his GHC 2b car

Tue, 4 Apr 2017 Source: entertainmentgh.com

Highlife singer, Kumi Guitar, is obviously enjoying life as a recording artist for Zylofon Music, an outlet of the Creative Arts Company, Zylofon Media. The new life shines brightest in the way the artist communicates and how he perceives the industry and life in general – www.entertainmentgh.com can state!

The artist may be basking in that glory of a new artist who has everything provided for him, but observers and critics are questioning the new drive for the artist, the direction of his brand and his music.

To many, the artist and his PR team may be missing the point; projecting the kind of wealth he’s being lavished with since signing for Zylofon, instead of focusing on the essential product – the music!

When he was signed, the chatter was on how much money he got, what brand of car he was given and what kind of house was bought for him. The PR strategy never concentrated on his artistry; his songwriting skills, his delivery as a recording artist and definitely not on his brand.

Making headlines with such stories is good, once you are able to generate attention, but after the talk, that attention must still be fixated on something – the music.

After quite a long hiatus just after signing what they call a mega record deal, Kumi is back with a new single, “Brown Sugar’- and as expected, a media tour is in session to promote the single.

Interestingly, the conversation has shifted again to wealth – the luxurious car he’s using to do his media engagements, how expensive the car is, blah blah, blah!

Bloggers/websites are even reporting on how much the car, Toyota Prado,cost; stating that it cost between $59,990 to $73,990.How does the cost of the car influence any DJ or radio presenter to play the song?

It is good but such a PR gimmick won’t take to Kumi Guitar and the new single to top of the charts.

It will be sad and a very unfortunate situation to have all the wealth make the headlines and the single and upcoming album of the artist not make any impact.

The 80% of the effort should be fixated in the promotion of the singles, album and brand of the artist while the embellishing narratives become add-on.

Talk of all the huge budgets that was invested in the music, talk of the huge sum that was given the artist but if, at the end of the day, the song does not become a hit, does not recoup all the investment made and does not get the artist to rake in the shows ; that would be disastrous and a put-off for potential investors and supporters of he arts!

Focus on the prize!

Source: entertainmentgh.com