Is it weed or there's something about the name 'Shatta' - Bovi mocks Shatta Wale, Shatta Bandle

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Fri, 27 Dec 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Serving patrons of ‘Night of 1026 Laughs & Music’ with witty scripts was Nigerian comedian Bovi who was puzzled about the ‘mystery’ surrounding the name ‘Shatta’ considering how the two Shattas of Ghana’s showbiz behave.

“Shatta Bandle, Shatta Wale. Is it weed or there is something about that name ‘Shatta’?” he asked amid uncontrollable laughter from the audience.

“You know weed makes you high. Shatta Bandle would be smoking... Shatta Bandle is like this [indicating how short the social media sensation is]. As he starts smoking, he starts to come up… He will look at the richest black man in the world – Dangote – and will say ‘Dangote is my boy’. Your weed here is very good,” Bovi Ugboma added.

Touching on Shatta Wale, the comedian said the dancehall artiste, under the influence of ‘weed’ feels he has a good voice to the extent of likening it to popular Canadian singer, Celine Dion’s.

“He feels he has voice, he sounds like Celine Dion; that means Davido sounds like Whitney Houston,” said Bovi – a statement which also cracked the ribs of the audience.

Shatta Bandle, a diminutive personality, gained popularity after claiming he was richer than Aliko Dangote.

The viral internet sensation with the tag ‘Young Rich Nigger’, later honoured invitations from some media houses for interview sessions.

Within that short period, he was spotted having fun with Rudeboy, formerly of P-Square who eventually cast him in the official video for his new single ‘Audio Money’ – a song that puts a spotlight on fake lives on social media.

Shatta Bandle was later spotted in Nigeria heading to a party in a traditional outfit with a couple of men, including some policemen as his bodyguards.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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