It had no choice than to resurrect – Celestine Donkor on husband’s coronavirus effect

Celestine Donkor Whitee Gospel musician, Celestine Donkor

Tue, 9 Feb 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

It seems that all hopes are not lost as Gospel Musician, Celestine Donkor, whose husband had suffered erectile dysfunction following his recovery from COVID-19, has fully recovered.

Kofi Donkor in an earlier post revealed that his COVID-19 recovery wasn't smooth as expected following his “worst” nightmare of experiencing “no erection” 10 days after recovery.

As expected, his post attracted several comments with some sympathizing with the couple especially his wife, Celestine, who they claimed might be hardly hit by the unfortunate situation.

One of the comments read: “This is serious but I hope the erection problem is resolved or I should ask Celestine Donkor. As3m no ay3 k3s3.”

Another also wrote: “We thank God for ur recoveries, but I know the last sequel of the Covid-19 is of utmost importance to you than the infection itself paaa. But we believe the Lord will erectionarily complete what He has started. Let the church in my sister Celestine Donkor II house shout AMEN!”

But, the gospel musician who has been keenly following the comments under her husband's post has called on the public to rather attach importance to the negative impact of COVID-19 and ensure that they don't contract the virus.

She wrote: The message is "COVID IS REAL" MASK UP!! As for the erection part, it had no choice than to resurrect immediately I also recovered."

Source: www.ghanaweb.com