Entertainment Wed, 16 Feb 2011

JHS Sex Video Girl Pregnant

Reports reaching the News-One newspaper indicate that the 16-year-old Junior High School (JHS) student who had sex with her 17-year-old lover and was captured on video is pregnant.

The two JHS students are residents of La-Apapa, a suburb of Accra, and News-One has secured a copy of the video which captures them having unprotected sex.

They both attend public schools in the same area and the amateur video, which they themselves shot, showed them stark naked, except for the girl’s red waist beads, enjoying a very hot round of sex. The two teenagers, whose names News-One would withhold for ethical reasons, mistakenly allowed the sex video to leak and it is now being circulated among their friends in the area.

Since News-One broke the story last Monday, several persons who introduced themselves as parents and residents of La-Apapa have visited the papers’s offices, wanting to know if the girl in the video was related t o them in anyway.

Sources from the area have however told News-One that the girl is believed to be pregnant and she has confided in friends that she cannot inform her parents about the pregnancy.

The girl had her hair cut low as expected of JHS girls and she looked innocent. She seems so young that persons who have watched the video have expressed shock that she was able to contain her partner’s big sex organ. The teen sex video starts with both of them already naked. She was seen stroking the penis of her male sex partner and then giving it a long good suck.

The school girl was them complaining (in the Ga language) that she was feeling shy because of the camera and the boy responded in the same language that she shouldn’t worry because the video would be deleted right after the act.

The video also captures the boy inserting his penis into the girl and later using the tip of the penis to ‘brush’ the entrance to the girl’s vagina. The setting was a small room which residents say belongs to the boy and their clothes could be seen lying on the white and blue rubber carpet.

News-One gathered that the camera phone belongs to the boy and that he shot three different sex episodes but deleted two and forgot one. His phone later ended up with some of his friends who saw the interesting video and circulated it among themselves.

Sex partners videoing their sexual escapades sn gradually becoming a trend among Ghanaians but this is the first time JHS students are on record to have videoed their sexual encounter.

Source: News-One