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JOEY B is ungrateful - Kwaku Manu

Joey Manu Joey B and Kwaku Manu

Wed, 2 Sep 2015 Source: yfmghana.com

Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu in a latest interview with eTV’s Giovani has revealed Joey B is yet to appreciate him for his contribution to his smash hit Tonga.

Kweku Manu on The Late Nite Celebrity Show said;

“I was using the term Tonga before Joey B used it. If you go to Cote D’Ivoire, it means sewing pin. But in the movies, I was looking for a cool way to suggest I’m going to sleep with a lady and the Tonga came in handy. Whoever says the word Tonga belongs to them will be punished by God because it’s been around for years.”

Kwaku Manu continued;

“I’m happy it came to stay but Joey B didn’t do well, he should have looked for me and hand me something little. He could have even bought a phone for me or something like that just to show his appreciation.”

Source: yfmghana.com