Jay Ghartey ‘Cool Down’ Kwaw Kesse in a new joint

Jah Ghartey Kwaw Kesse

Tue, 28 Aug 2012 Source: James Harry Obeng

Entertainment and music enthusiasts who have been yearning for the return of Jay Ghartey since the release of his hit song “My Lady” two years ago, should now brace up for the big news.

This is because the master lyricist is ready to roll his latest bang, which music connoisseurs –including sound engineers and disc-jockeys (DJs) – have so far tipped to cruise its way to the top of the charts without much contention.

The song, titled Cool Down, is an up-tempo, Azonto-spiced Hiphop tune laced on heavy drums, and with such commanding lyrics capable to arrest the attention of listeners anytime.

The track – a single off his forthcoming album slated for release later this year, possibly December – features one of the country’s finest Hiplife sensations, Kwaw Kesse, well-known in showbiz as Abodam.

On the song, Jay Ghartey keeps his flair and flow intact, mostly in ‘broken-English’ diction which truly engages the listener, whereas Kwaw Kesse – as usual – manages to smash his verse from beginning to end, to entertain his audience.

In an interview with the Spectator Agoro on Wednesday, Jay Ghartey indicated that the unique blend of his style and that of Abodam makes the song one of a kind “which surely, will shake the music industry in the country and beyond!”

He disclosed that the song would be released anytime soon on the airwaves, so as to serve its primary purpose of contributing towards ensuring a peaceful general elections in December, this year.

“The song has been made in anticipation of the elections, where it’s become important that every Ghanaian remains peaceful and calm, regardless of the results,” he explained, adding that it “carries a double meaning which encourages fans to remain calm and steady, even in their personal lives.”

He described the song as “one of the most meaningful songs I have,” emphasising that he made the song because it involved celebrating the peace “we enjoy here in Ghana. Kwaw Kesse is also a genius and I am honoured to feature him”.

Source: James Harry Obeng