Music Fri, 11 Jan 2019

KGee releases official video for his single 'Welcome to Ghana'

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KGee has released the much anticipated music video for his tit single 'Welcome To Ghana'.

The rising star shifted from the normal love songs on our airwaves and talked about important issues that affect our country. The song talks about the increasing blurred lines between truth and lies, right and wrong in today's society.

According to KGee, music has the power to move and change us, yet today's music mostly does not seem to have the same earth-moving, society-shaping effect as that of the past.

"Now you see musicians singing about girls, money and fast cars, not long ago Africa was full of music that made statements about governance, corruption etc. I believe music is a means by which I can convey important messages and ideas to others in the hope that they will truly listen and, as a result, come together and bring about social, political and economic change'.

The Street Africa Entertainment signee added that the things he sees around him, on the streets, read on social media, listen on radio and watch on television influences his rap.

He stated he doesn't hate Ghana but hate the flaws that Ghana actively attempt to cover up.

"Fighting for justice means that you are fighting for the improvement of Ghana; as acceptance, tolerance and inclusiveness is everything that Ghana should represent", he concluded.

Source: KGee