Entertainment Thu, 23 Jun 2016

KK Fosu regrets attending a public school

Ghanaian contemporary high life musician Kwame Kaakyire Fosu known in showbiz as KK Fosu has stated that he has regretted going to the public school.

In an interview with Pabbynewslive, this is what the "Am Back” hit maker said “Personally I have regretted attending the public school because of poor teaching and learning skills that take place over there. I’m sure I would have been better off today if I attended the private school all my life.

At the public school I did not make any effort to get a good grade, do you know why? It was because there was no competition in class and our teachers were not punctual at school. Also, there was no supervision, and the learning materials were not enough at that time, so we ended up playing from morning till we close from school whiles our friends at the private school were seriously learning”.

According to KK Fosu, the government only shows up to these public schools during examination to distribute mathematical sets etc.

"In fact the education ministry should make sure they provide all the necessary materials and ensure proper supervision in our public schools.

“My last question is that where do their children go to school? and the answer is private schools and abroad which makes it clear that our leaders are not serious with we the citizens in the country. In fact lets us save the future of Ghana” he said.

He urged everybody to pray for the country so that our November 7th election will be peaceful.

Source: pabbynewslive.wordpress.com