KSM crowns DKB the new King of Comedy

Mon, 23 Feb 2015 Source: Ama Larbie

The Grandpapa of GhComedy, KSM has officially crowned DKB as the new King of Comedy handing over the mantle to him with a crystal globe on The KSM Show.

“You are indeed doing a great job considering how difficult the journey has been, nonetheless you kept on focusing on your goals,” KSM said.

The King of Prime Time further said, “no matter how old I would be, one day I will open for your self-owned show, when you start someday.”

Surprised yet enthused DKB in appreciation said, “I am honoured by this new mantle you have ordained me with. I knew I was going to take over from you; I knew I was going to be the new king of Comedy because I knew you were watching me.”

On what motivated him, he said, “my motivation came from the passion that was burning in me, the need to get back to the top and the inspiration from my fans who kept urging me on with their immeasurable confidence in me, this inspired and lifted my spirit".

“I really want to thank God for his mercies and favour upon my life that has brought me back up, fellow Ghanaians who supported our works as GhComedians and I would urge our doubters to take inspiration from my story that if you pursue a good purpose negativity can't derail it,” DKB added.

After receiving the King of comedy mantle, he swore to protect it in high esteem, live up to higher expectations and also pass it on gracefully to the next comedy king.

DKB implored other older stakeholders in the system to take a cue from KSM's gesture and pass on their mantle down to the young ones so as to enable continuity and progress.

In a few weeks, he will be storming KNUST ‘Repu’ Hall Week with his sensational #DKBLIVE Comedy Tour and then later UCC and Central University.

Source: Ama Larbie