Ama K Abebrese: Lights, camera, action! (30 Days, 30 Voices)


Sat, 21 Sep 2013 Source: ynaija.com

I love acting. Ever since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated by it. To see an actor transform convincingly into any character, and to take the audience on a journey with different emotions is truly a great art form.

It’s a deeper sense of expression when it is done well, and there is nothing better than seeing an actor who has raw talent and can electrify the stage or screen. Most actors have a real love affair with the art form, and it’s often an emotional roller-coaster journey.

It seems that everywhere I go these days; I meet someone who wants to be an actor. And the usual notion I get from them is: it’s an easy thing to do.

I smile whenever I hear this, as I know that often they have no idea about the commitment it requires – especially for new actors on the scene.

The auditions; the call backs (if you’re lucky); the rejection – when you’re not chosen for a role. Working various jobs to keep body and soul together, in between irregular movie roles. And above all; the mental strain that all these can have on you.

You really have to develop a ‘tough skin’ as the saying goes, to withstand them. For those who think that being an actor is a quick way to fame; I usually tell them that they are better off recording a YouTube video, posting it and if they get millions of views, then boom! That’s fame. A true actor loves the craft but don’t get me wrong, the fame part would come; that however should be secondary. A lot of actors love the limelight and this is very understandable. The term ‘lights, camera, action’ is usually music to the ears.

In acting (like in any other profession) raw talent is very important, however, the importance of training and perfecting one’s skill is an added bonus – it is what often sets the class-acts apart. I am naturally a very lively and bubbly person, however when it comes to acting I prefer to take serious roles.

People who have seen my performance in movies like ‘Sinking Sands’ and ‘Ties that Bind’ usually assume that I am like the characters I play in my daily life. The truth is that I like to take challenging movie roles. Where I am forced to get out of my comfort zone, and really tackle the roles to give the best performance I can give. I give my all.

The satisfaction in acting for me is doing what I love and the reactions that people give when they see my performance, and how they are affected by them is more fulfilling. Acting is my first love, I think the training and discipline I picked up during my many years of studying and developing my craft helps me greatly today. I know some people feel that acting is just about raw talent; however I feel that talent needs to be enhanced with acquired experience and skills.

To those that desire to act and to see themselves on the big screen, I encourage you, however you must have the right motivation, and if it’s a real love of the craft, then usually you will have more staying power. However, come prepared, groom your talent, develop your skills, then you will be ready for your all important ‘close up’.

Ama K. Abebrese is an Award winning Actress, TV Presenter and TV Producer, with a wealth of experience in Film, Television and Media. She won the much coveted (African Movie Academy Award) AMAA award for ‘Best Actress’ in a Leading Role in 2011, for the movie ‘Sinking Sands’. She is a lead actress in the 2012 multi award winning film ‘Ties that Bind’ #AnyBodyCanWrite

Source: ynaija.com