KSM’s TGIF is back on TV

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Sat, 21 Sep 2013 Source: enewsgh

KSM’s ‘Thank God Is Friday (TGIF) is making a return to television, weeks after going off air. Enewsgh.com sources at Sapphire Ghana won’t say exactly when save for “in the coming days.”

It is also not clear at this point, which station the Friday night show would be aired on. This website can however say that it won’t be returning to its original Metro TV home. A new station has become the lucky ‘benefactors’ of the award-winning show.

So, just how big of a bang is the return going to be. The show’s Producer Chief Moomen, won’t give us details but promised “it will be everything we loved about TGIF and more. “The show has gone through some surgery to make it more upbeat and much tighter.

“Though modified in a number of ways, it still draws inspiration from the original concept of ‘Thank God It’s Friday with KSM’.

A weekend on-screen delight that managed to rake in the numbers for Metro TV for almost a decade, the show’s producers last month announced they will no longer air it on the Talal Fatal-owned network.

A not-so-pleasant announcement for the handlers of Metro TV, TGIF’s exit was however received well by competing brands who have spent the last few weeks throwing in bids to get it onto their platform.

Source: enewsgh