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Kilanova To Take World By Storm

Rap star; Kilanova, is a handsome young Ghanaian from New Jersey who is building a huge fan base in America. When this writer heard his name for the first time, he was wondering who he was and what does he have to offer as an artist? But seeing his performance for the first time recently at the exclusive first Ghanaian Royals Fashion Show in New York proved the artist is very talented and a genius. He was incredible on stage and the performance received great reviews. Those who attended the show were wondering who is really Kilanova and wanted to know more about him.

The following is KILANOVA in his in own words:

Full Name: Kwasi Adonteng Ntiamoah and Stage name/nickname: Kilanova (Aka) African General Aka Mr Mova. I was born on June 14th, 1981 in Accra, have 3 sisters, no brothers and I am the oldest. My parents are; Mr Nana Ntiamoah and Esther Boateng.

I spent my first 13 years in Ghana Accra, Dansoman and I attended St Matin De Porres Preparatory where I was well known as Adonteng. I moved to the USA in 1995 and lived in the Bronx for 2 years. I moved to New Jersey in 1997 where I graduated from South Brunswick High School and later attended Middlesex College in New Jersey (Engineering Science Degree Major, still Enrolled).

I've been a street dude all my life, straight gangster to the bone, mellow with the flows/ n ladies love the way I roll. I have always been involved in music production and musical works since early childhood at prep. School and through college. The talent was one of the blessings God gave me and was first noticed when I was in prep school (native dancing class in St. Martin De Porees in Ghana). I took it even further when I entered college in the United States.


In my early teenage years, I watched and learned my older brother work on big musical equipment /instruments in churches and other events. As time went on, I started getting better in understanding the principles behind sound engineering with the help of music classes in school. This gave me much knowledge about sounds, equipment and the importance in tuning and playing instruments. Soon troubleshooting a problem became easy and I was in charge of our church’s sound production and I do believe God rewarded me even more with ears to hear things in music that were missing (very important). College life was the spark of my music career and reason why you hear about me now.

A popular kid throughout college for (hustling n busting it), I took advantage of my status to organize and disorganize gangs. As a group of young men, one thing we always did to keep warm in the winter while standing outside was to rap. Rapping about things we did with money we made etc.... I got involved and got better as time went on and soon was the best African “Spitter” in college and even my American challengers were scared to battle. In this rap game people respect those that talk and walk the walk. We made money through hustling and bustling. Spending money on expensive things was not a problem and that was the walk expected by the audience. I have got a vision to start investing in equipment for studio works and music production, before you know, we have a small workstation running in my office at my father's home health care business.

I was so dedicated in learning music production that sometimes stayed in this private studio till 3 am doing all kinds of tests and taking notes in developing my own unique trend. As time went on, my name started to get out as the hottest African beat maker and producer in town. Soon the whole town started calling me Africa. Hatred and jealousy of my success started bringing me enemies and eventually led to the incident that gave me the name Kila. (I will leave that out).

In 2001, I heard my cousin; Alex Kissi aka Nova was also involved in music production and since we both grew up learning from the same old folks, I believed he was either better or well equipped like me. We finally met after 2 years apart and were very pleased with both of our knowledge in music production. Nova and I decided to work together and we planned bringing some African noise in the music industry throughout USA and around the world until we are heard. We developed unique ways of making our music identified by hearing and knowing who it is without reading credits.

Finally we decided to add the name Nova to my other name; Kila and that was when the name Kilanova started in 2004. Kila represents my streets credits and Nova represents our beat “bangers” and together were are the Kila stars straight from Africa. I took it upon myself to carrying the name, Kilanova while he and his partner “reps” Novatracks. I will run New Jersey while they run the NYC. We started making all kinds of music; from our native African music to Hip-hop, reggae, R&B, rock, jazz and you name it. We made it as long as we are still living well and never limited ourselves was my motto. A kid was to grow up and be able to do it all say I have done it all now.


Recently Novatracks was awarded a big contact to provide the New Jersey Nets Basketball team; a theme song for the team to walk on the ball courts at every game. This gave the crew an opportunity to meet Jay-Z in person and introduced us to bigger music moguls in the music business. Expect more from the crew soon. Recently Kilanova the artist is working hard in my private studio putting finishing touches to my first album entitled: Next to Inherit The Throne Featuring The Klanop Camp and all tracks are produced by Kilanova and Novatracks and recorded at the: Kilanova Africrimbo Sounds Studio.

Watch out for my crew; Klanop - coming out soon. (website - www.myspace.com/kilanova) for more info on more street life . I am a young man with a child and a family trying to earn Africa the name we deserve in this music industry since we run the behind the scene affairs.


Me kai time na me som nfidie (set traps) mea menkoaa, sesei ye nso menenam abrokyire mfikyire mea menkoaa ma we me jeans ne me sibole whe na wantea menan, enye saa ye be pem se mponkye (goats) wo hu me na wo nnem me a onua (brother) mind ur business Enye saa fre kilanova n let me handle my own business Afei so first thing first me kwasi me na me fete asie Me baa agoro no mu (game) late enso so wobe te asie (understand) Efi se wei ye africarimbo sounds, wonte ebi da brother ena wote nsoso a wo werenfi soso da (always remember)

Source: GHP/www.myspace.com/kilanova

Source: GHP/www.myspace.com/kilanova