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Wed, 3 Aug 2016 Source: Velma Aryee

It can be called the new craze in town. Everywhere, every corner a male and female are tapping their feet to the new music to a beautiful rhythm. Your guess is as good as mine. It’s KIZOMBA.

KIZOMBA very African has found its way to our coasts and with such a pleasing appeal many are caught up in this mix for whatever reason it maybe Ghanaians are loving it and are freely dancing.

KIZOMBA is one of the most popular dance genres taking the world by storm originating from Angola which is characterized by its own genre of music with slower and romantic rhythm. Just like any normal dance, there is a genre of music to tell a wonderful story. KIZOMBA music emerged from a mixture of African rhythm and Haitian Kompa. Most Kizomba songs are sung in Portuguese.

As a dance, it is an evolution of the traditional dances of Angola, Semba, and Cape Verde Passada. Just like any culture Kizomba has been influenced by different styles. The introduction of frequent simultaneous hip rotations also known as Tarraxinha has been added as a subgenre to make the dance more appealing to viewers and dancers in general. Countries, where Kizomba is most popular, include Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau Portugal, Brazil and until recently Ghana.

Recently a growing number of Ghanaians are on this train as a new way of relaxing from a hard day’s works. Wonder why?

Ghanaians always look for something new and edgy and Kizomba has it and what better way to relax and exercise, killing two birds with one stone. As much as moving your body can be fun here are a few reasons why dancing should be part of your lifestyle.

1. It helps improve the condition of your heart and lungs

2. It increases muscular strength

3. Guaranteed improved relaxation

4. Reduces stress levels

5. Weight management among others.

Now here are five excellent reasons why you should dance Kizomba • Choosing to dance Kizomba as a new hobby can help you meet new people and make friends with people who have similar interest.

• Kizomba helps you learn about your body and improve posture and balance.

• Kizomba offers a creative outlet for people to express their personalities in a safe environment.

• Kizomba dance can offer an insight into other cultures especially through their dance style.

• And lastly Kizomba is L.I.F.E. (Live.Improve.Fun.Entertaining.) Why don’t you jump on this life changing experience with us and see how much relaxed your weekdays and weekends can get. Even if you have two left feet a few classes is all you need to complete a beautiful dance routine. Men, women, lovers, all and sundry are invited to embark on this journey. Don’t be left out the train might not stop and wait for you.

Source: Velma Aryee

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