Music Sun, 21 Nov 2004

Kodzo Gavua Launches ?Palaver?

Dr Kodzo Gavua of the University  of Ghana, has surprised everyone with his release tilted ?Palaver?. His album is about the problems of this world and the ultimate hope for mankind.

With great beat and rhythm, the man of many letters has astounded his contemporaries with some thought-provoking lyrics and brilliant arrangements.

The overflowing 13-track album on compact disc (CD) starts with ?The Message?, an exhortatory piece reinforced with a powerful bassline and percussive undertones. The listener is compelled to listen to the rest including ?Lebene? (Take Good Care), ?Miya Maba? a Ga song and then the title track ?Palaver? which touches on some aspects of life?s woes.

Check out ?Agbeyeye? (new Life), ?Peace on earth? and ?Nyeno? (Let it be good). The eighth track is scintillating. It is titled ?Ga Manoamesi? which means ?Poverty? in Ewe. The lyrics are food for thought. Others are ?What can I say?, ?Save the children?, ?I need to have fun?, ?Our prayer? and ?Forest walk?. Quite a loaded album there.

Kodzo Gavua himself is on bass guitar, percussions, key boards and lead vocals assisted by Edmund Mensah on trumpet and Robert Asiamah on saxophone. King David Kodaza was on drums and Dela Botri on flute solo.

Yao Ocloo Adeppui alias Lord Shaba was on lead vocals in ?Miya maba?. Backing vocals include Felicia Raphael, Esther Akagbor, Nana Kena-Amoah, Praise Attigah and Fofo Gavua.

In his speech at the launching at Legon last Saturday, Dr. Gavua observed that in addition to being a major source of entertainment, music facilities spiritual development while stimulating political and intellectual activity.

?It is therapeutic and enables a cross-section of people to mange stress?, he said.

He was also of the opinion that when packaged well, music can become an effective tool that civil society may use  to influence good governance and rapid socio-economic development?, he said.

The launching was done by Ms Maria Kwaku and Mr. Delanyo Demanya.


Source: ghanamusic.com