Music Fri, 3 Dec 2004

Kofi B Rocks NY Party

Kofi B The state of Hip-life/Hi-Life/Gospel is at a peak where artistes have to take their crafts/ vocal/creative/production  skills to a whole new level or the already established would be left out by the up and coming artists. Almost everyday we get either a new hip-life/hi-life/Gospel artist releasing a new CD.

Over the last few weeks in NY and other parts of the world, there have been various CD Launchings. Some are "Hot", "Not so Hot" and some are "Trash". If you are an artiste  and you have a good song that people like, no matter wherever you go, people would play  or adance to your song. Such is what happened to the  artiste , Kofi B. 

He has a great song called "Mmobrowa" which  is still hot like "Auntie Ama Shittoh", so delicious and awesome you can eat it for supper with no Kenkey and would want more.

Kofi B, majestically walked in at a party with a lady  in his arms, unrecognized and proceeded to have a good time. During the course of the party, the MC extraordinaire, Ike Donkor, made an announcement that music star, Kofi B "is in the house" and is going to sing his hit song "Mmobrowa", Kofi B got the microphone, the DJ played the song and the whole house were on "Fire".  Kofi B with a lovely fan Kofi B who walked in unrecognized now  was been mobbed, money was  been thrown at him and he is everybody's friend. He got everyone on their feet dancing. 

Ghanaweb's Mr. CNN was on the scene and captured on camera for the worldwide audience to see.

His song "mmobrowa" is still a hit and would not be forgotten. We just hope he would continue on the song's success and not rush to come up with another album that might be "not so hot" or "trash". My advise to Kofi B is take a page from Rex Omar and Kojo Antwi's success book. Don't rush to be a "yesterman" but take your time to be a superstar.


Source: ghanamusic.com