Kojo Antwi ‘shuns’ Kweisey Pee, vows not to respond to him

Wed, 18 Dec 2019 Source: 3 News

Ghana’s music legend, Kojo Antwi says he has vowed never to engage in any banter with musician, Kweisey Pee, over series of allegations the latter levelled against him.

The Maestro said the late father of Kweisey Pee, Agya Eku, was inspirational to him while he was growing up as a young musician and due to that respect he has for the father of Kweisey Pee, he promised not to “add flesh to the allegations”.

The highlife artiste, Kwaisey Pee, among other allegations said “I used to work with Kojo Antwi back in the 90s. I used to be the fufu ‘pounder’ and ‘boy boy’ in his house. It is something he hasn’t mentioned anywhere; maybe he doesn’t like to mention that. I listened to his interview with Delay where he said he doesn’t know me but has heard my song”.

When the music maestro Kojo Antwi was asked about his relationship with the ‘Mehia Odo hitmaker’ on Onua FM’s Yen Sempa on Tuesday hosted by Christian Agyei Frimpong, he stressed the father of “the young man was someone I respected most and I learnt a lot from so I have vow never to respond to what the young man is saying”.

Challenges in the music industry

Kojo Antwi said “African musicians go through challenges and we can’t overcome them in just a day. One person cannot be comfortable. It’s either we are all comfortable or we are not comfortable”.

He explained that large halls for shows have been one of the challenges facing the music industry in Ghana and Africa.

“National Theatre cannot contain the things that I want to do. The place couldn’t contain me and let alone contain my crowd”.

The Maestro said, “the industry is suffering because if you want to organize an event at the National Theatre, its enclosed and needs air-conditions to cool the place so organizers incur huge expenses so you cannot hold a show there and charge less”.

Also known as Mr Music Man, Kojo Antwi said “you have to charge certain prices and people cannot afford such amount. Those who can afford such an amount are those from Trassaco. These people also travel far to come and watch…they drive in traffics for two hours to come and watch and by the time they get to the venue, they are already tired and thinking of how to go back”.

Theatre policy

He charged government to make it a policy for estate developers to put up theatres in areas they developed.

“Some of the policies should be that every hundred houses an estate developer builds, there must be a theatre in there. So that must be part of a policy…it’s as simple as that…so that we can bring the shows to them…because if you tell someone to drive longer hours to a show…the people get tired…if the artiste is on the show and realized the people are going…it demoralized me. National Theatre is great but we must have others”.

Source: 3 News