Music Fri, 11 Dec 2015

KsiBoys has nothing to do with George Quaye - Okyeame Kwame

There is enough evidence to disproof any allegation that seems to make the rounds that award-winning musician Okyeame Kwame and four other talented artistes namely, Cabum, Flowking Stone, Eyoh Soundboy, Strongman and Kunta Kinte; did the latest single KsiBoys to spite George Quaye of Charterhouse.

The facts remain as follows that, Eyoh Soundboy began recording the song six months ago. Okyeame Kwame was the first to be recorded by Eyoh in June 2015.

Okyeame Kwame first shared an image of KsiBoys on Facebook on 17th November, where his interactions with his ‘family’ (fans) sought to tease them about an upcoming song.

The first post (shown above) was further followed up with another one again on his Facebook page on 20th November 2015 still ‘teasing’ his ‘family’ on the upcoming KsiBoys single.

Further to that, the KsiBoys concept was developed by Okyeame Kwame, Eyoh Soundboy, Cabum and the rest of the crew about six months ago, when there had been no issue at all between Flowking Stone and George Quaye.


Besides, the Tigo Unplugged show was held on the 28th November 2015; 11 days after Okyeame Kwame had posted his first ‘KsiBoys teaser’ on his Facebook page.

KsiBoys is a much bigger project such that it is not, and cannot be about attempts to spite personalities, whether big or small.

KsiBoys represents the spirit of a people, cherished by the need to uphold a rich cultural presence. The rhythm which showcases a fusion of “Kete” and Hip-hop, tells you the extent to which ‘cultural values’ are made prominent in the song.

KsiBoys is about promoting the rich tourism potential we have in Ghana. Hence, it would sound a bit myopic for anybody to conclude that the #KsiBoys or its concept is aimed at any single person.

Source: Firmbridges Communication