Entertainment Fri, 11 Dec 2015

Kumawood's Dabo is the Biggest Acting Sensation in 2015

Any freak of Ghanaian movies, especially local movies would attest to the obvious fact that, the biggest stir in the industry for the year 2015 has been generated, not by Lil Wyn, not by Agya Koo, not by Akrobetu and definitely not Kyeiwaa.

The very diminutive Samuel Dabo, affectionately called Dabo, even in movies – is the surprise sensation thus far in the year.

Arguably, no actor has been able to generate so much attention in the local movies this year like Dabo has thus far.

In 2015, he starred and overly impressed in a deluge of hit movies including ‘Megye Wo Girl’, ‘Me Nam Na Metete’, ‘Babylon Girl’, ‘Nisuo Ayere Me’ and many others.

Dabo brought more humor, more wit and more excitement than any other ‘Kumawood’ actor in 2015 and was one of the main reasons the local film industry stayed afloat.


Yes, the local industry is a serious venture where real life stories are put in various motion pictures but comedy also forms a pivotal part of that industry and that is where the likes of Agya Koo, Kwaku Manu and Lil Wyn have all excelled.

However, in 2015, in as much as the popular figures made appreciable efforts, it is Samuel Dabo who got the most attention and most mention.

Organizers of the annual Kumawood and Akoben Awards have released the nomination list for the December 30 Awards, and to the dismay and chagrin of many movie critics, the conspicuously missing name in the many categories is Samuel Dabo.

Critics have called the omission of Dabo in the list as a travesty, unacceptable and shameful, considering the level of hardwork the chap put in his works from 2014 through to 2015.

Nomination or not; Samuel Dabo, in the eyes of the many lovers of Ghanaian movies, is the best and most entertaining actor in 2015.

Source: Razzonline.com