Kumerica is not occultic – DJ K.A angrily blast critics

Silver FM DJ K.A Radio presenter, DJ K.A

Tue, 15 Sep 2020 Source: zionfelix.net

Popular radio presenter who works at Silver FM, DJ K.A, has angrily blasted persons who have risen against the Kumerica trend which is getting bigger by the day.

In a video sighted by Zionfelix.net, DJ K.A, together with some panelists on the show, said they did not understand why people were speaking ill of the Kumerica trend in the Ashanti region.

He said America had long been tagged in some parts of the region like Breman which is popularly called Breman New York.

According to him, many jobs have been created due to the trend and did not know why haters wanted to pull the whole project down.

He called out the men of God who tagged the Kumerica trend as occultic or linked it to ‘666’ adding that they should rather prophesy about better things.

One of the panelists also indicated that at a point, many Ghanaians wanted to get American visas to be able to leave the country but the new Kumerica trend has made many Ghanaians, especially those of Ashanti-descent, very proud of their origin.

The Kumerica trend was started by a group of boys who appeared in several videos which saw them throwing money around and speaking in some locally acquired foreign accents.

Many Ghanaians including celebs have joined the trend and have either supported the movement or hailed popular people who come from the Ashanti region.

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A lot of people have raised their mouths against Kumerica and that’s eating DJ K.A of silver fm up

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