Kumerica movement pumping ‘sense of unity’ in Ghanaian artistes – Kofi Jamar

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Thu, 11 Feb 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Multi-talented Ghanaian musician, Kofi Jamar has stated that one of the achievements of the Kumerica movement is that it has inculcated the spirit of unity among other Ghanaian musicians.

Prior to this development, there have been concerns by several entertainment industry stakeholders about the absence of unity among Ghanaian musicians as they only pretend to like each other.

It has somewhat been a topical discussion for several years and most artistes hold the view that people in the showbiz industry are greedy and envious of each other.

But in response to this, the ‘Ekorso’ hitmaker in an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb’s Talkertainment host Elsie Lamar said the Kumerica movement has raised the bar in terms of exhibiting unity in the industry.

This according to him is evident in their songs, as every Kumerican track features other artistes in the movement.

“We are 100% promoting unity among artistes in Ghana. It’s instilling that sense in people, teaching them that unity builds up a lot. Kumasi even had not experienced this sense of unity until now. Everything shows, even in our videos,” he stated.

To him, ever since the movement started, people are more than ever proud to be associated with Kumasi.

“But now we have built it and we are more proud of ourselves. People are more proud to be associated with Kumasi,” he added.

Coined from two nouns – Kumasi and America – ‘Kumerica’ has to a large extent inured to the benefit of some young rappers in Kumasi as the spotlight has been put on them. Not only has there been a Photoshop of passports to join the Kumasi-America identity; there have been merchandises of Kumerica on sale.

Some members of the group wear earrings, bandanas, baggy jeans, and identify themselves with gun signs. Others also parade themselves by sagging their pants.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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