Kumi Guitar convinced Nana Appiah Mensah to sign Stonebwoy, others

Kumi New Nana Poku Ashis, Kumi Guitar, and Sammy Flex

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 Source: zionfelix.net

Nana Poku Ashis, manager of highlife musician Kumi Guitar has cleared the air on the assertion that his artiste’s new song, Gyae is a diss to his label mate, Stonebwoy.

Speaking on Accra FM Tuesday evening with Zionfelix on the station’s drivetime show, he explained that the singer did not insult any individual in the tune so he cannot fathom why the public has described it as such. Again, Ashis disclosed that Nana Yaw Kumi did not mention any name in the song so “who the cap fits, let him wear it”. To him, Stonebwoy is a big brand so there is no way the ‘Dream’ singer can punch a brand he respects that much in a song.

When Zionfelix, the interviewer asked if the song was not directed at Stonebwoy since Kumi’s lyrics suggested that, he boldly replied “yes”. To him, his artiste’s “Rasta” and “Bwoy” comments in the song do not imply that he was throwing shots at the BHiM Nation president.

He, however, revealed that “all the Zylofon Media controversies came as a result of Kumi Guitar”. Nana Poku Ashis continued that his artiste convinced Nana Appiah Mensah, the C.E.O of Zylofon Media to sign other artistes on the label because several Ghanaian entertainers were not benefiting from their sweat.

“The truth is all the controversies about Zylofon Media came as a result of Kumi Guitar. Zion you can testify to it that Kumi started this whole project.

Nana Appiah Mensah wanted to do something small when he signed Kumi Guitar but the boy convinced the CEO to add other artistes to the label. He sat him down and told him that most of my colleagues in the industry are also suffering so make it big if you have the cash to do it.

So it was after this that the man gathered a team to make Zylofon Media big which signed other people to make the company big as we see it now.” Ashis explained.

He added that Kumi Guitar is a founding member of the 360 entertainment so he would not sit and look aloof for the company to collapse.

Reacting to comments that his artiste’s song, Gyae was released few hours after Nana Appiah Mensah had asked the public to calm down, Ashis made it clear that they, team Kumi Guitar never heard about their boss’ plea. He also added that Zylofon Media was not informed about the release of “Gyae” song, the supposed diss single to Stonebwoy by Kumi Guitar.

Source: zionfelix.net