Kunta Kinte composes song to tackle neglect when he was sick

Tue, 6 Apr 2021 Source: 3 News

One half of the music duo Bradez, Kunta Kinte, has said that a lot of his friends in the music industry ignored him and to date have never bothered paying him a visit nor assist him in any way.

In an interview with Tony Best on Akoma FM’s Kwantenpon Drive last week, the Simple hitmaker disclosed that even though at the early stages of his sickness some industry persons paid him a visit, it was for a short while.

“I used to be friends with a lot of people back then and they showed up at the early stages of my sickness, but you know, humans will definitely relent when it gets tougher and sometimes I understand,“ Kunta Kinte, born Kwaku Nsiah Amankwaa, said.

Even though the rapper and singer refused to mention names, he promises his fans to be on the lookout for a song he will be releasing very soon which will talk about how a lot of his industry friends disappointed him when the need arose.

Source: 3 News