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Kwami Sefa-Kayi To Host The GMA Festival Public Awards Nite

If anyone has really enjoyed his right to speak freely then definitely Kwame Asare Obeng a.k.a. A-Plus.

He hit the limelight in 2001 when he released his debut album 'Freedom of Speech Vol. 1 (Me Suro Su Ena Me Keka Yi)' after the 2000 general elections.

After this, he came out with 'Freedom of Speech Vol. 2 (Yese Hmm)' and then 'Agye Gon' after the 2004 elections. Unlike most musicians his lyrics are different and extraordinary pertaining to the subjects he chooses to sing about. He either criticizes or praises previous and current governments accordingly and politicians too.

Talking to Graphic Showbiz, A-Plus said his music on the Ghanaian political scene started when he realized that the people are responsible for the upkeep of those elected into power. "Politicians are elected into power by the people who pay taxes for their upkeep while they are in power hence there is the need to keep an eagle's eye on them to do what is right", he said.

He said, there was no way anyone was going to hear him out and so music was the only medium he could use. "I am not a journalist neither am I a parliamentarian nor a government spokesperson". The only way my voice could be heard is through music", he added.

According to A-Plus not all his songs are politically motivated and it is just coincidental that he comes out just after elections. His current album confirms this, "My latest work which is my fourth is entitled 'Let's Ease Up' because I have no intention of picking on anyone".

There ten songs on 'Let's Ease Up' among them are 'Nyame Amma', 'Oye Adea Yie', 'Mirror', 'Me & You' and 'Akoma'.

He said he writes his own songs and gets his inspiration from everyday life such as the woes of the taxpayer and what he reads and hears from the media.

Born some twenty some thing years ago to Daniel Obeng, an educationalist and Elizabeth Obeng, a housewife, A-Pluz always dreamt of being an engineer. Music however got the better of him while in secondary school. He was involved in most of the entertainment activities in school. "There are nothing like entertainment without A-Plus", he said.

So after school, he decided to take music up as a profession. This did not however go down well with his father, proprietor of three schools namely Gomoaman, Kwahu Plateau and Swedru Narrow Way Schools.

He attended Swedru Secondary School between 1994 and 1997 and hopes to further his education in the near futre. He also intends to become a businessman, "you know I am a Kwahu man", he added.

Aside music, A-Plus is also into acting and currently stars in Neighbours, a sitcom which will soon show on TV.

A-Plus said his most memorable experience was the day his song was played for the first time on radio. "I was beside myself with joy. It was an exciting experience for me. However, my worst experience was when I was attacked by a couple of guys at the Tesano Sport Club during a performance. For what reason, I never found out".

Although he is single, A-Plus has one-year-old daughter, Ama Asabea. He enjoys any tasty food. And when he is not working, he loves to dream about what he will be in future.


Source: ghanamusic.com