Music Tue, 19 Apr 2016

Kweku Sekyi, a new heir to storm the music industry

Kweku Sekyi, a name, a theme, the title and the rhythm that guides the flow and punches of Kweiks is more than just something you can put your hands on.

It is a declaration of intent and the statement that he is here to make his voice heard, noticed and resound it over and over again.

Starting from his introduction with ‘Ankwadobe’, a solid highlife song, Kweiks has made it a point to come back hard and stronger than last and his stake to the throne, more valid than ever before. If this doesn’t ring a bell, his tune with Wanlov, ‘Whisper in Your Ears’ takes you through the club and the chase of two guys competing for one girl’s attention.

This tune, however, goes back to the days hip-hop had a story, played on a theme and came with punches that defined the time and came together to form the golden age.

Kweiks who has schooled himself in the old brilliant tunes hasn’t forgotten his new school vibes and plays an intermediary with his flow, punch, and rhymes.

He doesn’t just talk about his arrival, he offers more room for critics to reconsider and fans to fall beyond their cheers.

Kweku Sekyi offers a room for artistic adventure while taking you on a cruise for the jam of a lifetime. The drum laden rhythm coupled with the commanding baritone rides the waves from start to end and never cuts at any point.

Take a listen here;

Source: Karl Yusif