Music Wed, 5 Jul 2006

Latest On Daasebre Dwamena's Cocaine Case

Apogee is not yet out with his debut album but is eyeing for glory if he only gets a good producer and management because he knows he has a first-class album.

With less than a year in the contemporary highlife scene he sings like a ?pro? (professional).

He has not yet teamed up with the well known artistes but has blessed a few underground artistes with his voice but is hopeful he will get a deal soon after he finish recording his album.

In fact, music has been revolving round him since he was in secondary school when he was associated with an accapella group called Positive Impact, where they sang mostly at churches.

The group had to split after SSS to further their education in the tertiary institutions. Well, it has dawn on him this year that music is a component of him and wants to take it up seriously.

The optimistic handsome looking chap, said, ?For me I know the game is very competitive now and I can only survive with good albums?.

He might be the answer to Contemporary highlife because as he says he has a song titled, ?Am Hero? which represents him because one day he will be the saviour.

There is another side of Apogee that a lot of you readers know and some don?t know. He has achieved a lot in the TV media. Starring in adverts of Ideal Milk, Malta, Guinness, SG-SSB, GT Easytalk, Coca Cola and others which are yet to come out. Oops I almost forgot, he has also starred in ?Hotel St James?, a TV series that rivaled ?Efiewura?.

He is also a model and a lecturer at Institute of Advanced Computer Education where he teaches Communication & Business Technology.

He has soulful and well arranged 15 demo songs that he shows to serious minded people and will be glad if people call him on 233 24 427 9146 for a deal.

The Fante born ends our interview by saying, ?It feels good to have a dream and believe in it and also it is important to believe in yourself and put your trust in God?.

?I believe with the ego in me I will become that hero I have always been dreaming of. All what it takes is hard works and perseverance?.


Source: ghanamusic.com