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'Lazy’ Ghanaian men are the reason girls like Moesha live the way they do – Lutterodt

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Fri, 13 Apr 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

It would not be out of the ordinary to have controversial Counselor George Lutterodt ‘clear his throat’ on a subject that has shaken the entire country and invoked the fury of majority of Ghanaians; comments from actress and socialist Moesha Boduong suggesting that Ghanaian women offer sex for financial support from men without which they cannot survive.

Moesha, in an interview on CNN’s Sex and Love Around the World series told host Christine Amanpour that Ghana’s economy is such that a woman needs someone to take care of her because they cannot make enough money as it is without the intervention of these men.

"When you want to get an apartment, in Ghana you pay two years in advance and I just started working, where will I get the money”, she quizzed.

Speaking to Ghanaweb on the issue, Counselor Lutterodt attributed the trend where women have to sleep with men for money to the ‘lazy’ attitude of Ghanaian men.

According to him, women, single ladies particularly will not be forced into ‘prostitution’ if there were enough ‘hardworking’ single men who through their hardwork are able to generate enough resources and finances to cater for their ladies such that they won’t have to be subjected to the few rich ones who will demand sex in exchange for money and or luxury.

“Men are part of the reasons why women are practicing prostitution. One of the oldest professions you can ever have in the world that God created is prostitution, the second is cheating but because you can only cheat when you are married, we can’t allow people to think that they are all cheating. If men will patronize prostitutes and we want to blame men, it’s because there are too many lazy men in this country……”

“The life of Moesha Boduong is as a result of too many lazy men in this country who cannot take care of women so because they cannot take care of them, the few rich men are taking advantage of taking care of these girls and they can only do it through one means; through prostitution because if you have not been in any capacity at all been able to stand your grounds as a man to feed a woman, to provide for a woman whatever she needs as a man and somebody else is doing through prostitution, what is your beef?”

He predicted a situation where men in a few years will become incapacitated because the women will take over and perform the responsibilities they originally failed to take up.

“Men rise up, let’s work hard because what I see coming on us in this country is that, 12 years to come, men will become vegetables because women will now be on top, they will take care of the men themselves and they’ll prove to us that what men can do, women can also do”, he stated.

Moesha Boduong has received massive trolling since her video on international media emerged. While many have chided her for generalizing her statements and painting a bad picture of Ghana to the world out there, others have admonished the actress to find herself something worth doing rather than depend on ‘sex for money’.

She has since responded with a post on her facebook page. In her words, “allow the Saints to throw stones at you. Gather them and use it to build your house.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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