Learn to live according to what you have in 2021 - Rev Nyansa

Fri, 22 Jan 2021 Source: Happy 98.9FM

Host of the number one religious radio show, Nsem Pii, Rev Nyansa Boakwa has advised his listeners on how to live successfully this year.

According to him, appreciating what you have and living within your means is one way of being successful. Because, “you don’t have to impress anyone. You do what you can afford”.

Citing an example he said, “if your salary is 500 cedis and your rent is 300 cedis, know that you’re failing. This is obviously beyond you. Just don’t compare your life to others, they’re different from you so just live your life and let them live theirs”, he said.

He added, that everyone has their life to live and a plan and purpose God has specifically set for them. “If you decide to take the path of your brother or sister, you might be on the wrong path. Because that might not be the road God wants you to be on”.

“The reason why these past years you haven’t achieved everything you purposed in your heart is because, you keep doing what others are doing and that is what is failing you”.

His advise to listeners was, “If really you want to be successful this year, it’s not all about the resolutions and working towards it but also cutting your coat according to your material not your size”.

Source: Happy 98.9FM