Music Wed, 18 Jul 2007

Liberians Independence Day celebration with Screwface

His appearance in the music industry to many sounded like a threat to others whilst some also thought he was in to spoil other people’s businesses. He started featuring on other musicians’ albums and sounded like Sonni Bali and Samini.

Screw Face never lost hope although people accused him of imitating Samini and the only thing one can use to differentiate between the two was the “Bue Bue” and the “Kpoi”.

The young musician who was nominated for the 2007 Ghana Music Award as a Discovery of the year but lost the award to King Ayisoba said he doesn’t feel bad losing that award because he thinks the winner also deserves it. According to him, to be nominated in a category brings you to the lime light and everybody notices your effort.

Screw Face together with Kwabena Kwabena, Agya Bomofuor and Reggie Zippy embarked on a European tour. They were away for six months and performed twenty five (25) shows in all.

They toured Italy, Holland, Germany and Austria. According to Screw Face their tour was successful and their aim of embarking on that tour was achieved.

On his arrival he has designed a special program together with his friend Miss Philomena Jackson, a Liberian residing in Ghana for all Liberians on their Independence Day. The program scheduled to take off on Thursday 26th of July is dubbed Independence Day Celebration with Screw Face. Musicians to help him rock the concert on that day include Shiloh, Dr. Poh, Sweet Honey, Pope Skinny and P.A.D.

He has recorded a single tracked album for all Liberians titled “Freedom” and the song talks about the hard times and traumas Liberians have been through in the past.


The album will be launched that same day at Golden Gate Hotel where the concert is scheduled to take place and also Monrovia in August.

Screw Face decided to organize this package for Liberians because of the peace that has finally prevailed in their country and also he feels those here joined Ghanaians in the celebration of our Golden Jubilee. So he thinks joining them to celebrate their long awaited glory was not a bad idea.

Screw Face also used the Weekly Fylla to advise his fellow musicians and those in the show business to be prayerful since what is happening in the industry is quite strange.

He said he recalls what the late Prince Dave (Castro’s Producer) did for him and other musicians although he was not producing their works but he had love for all of them.

He called for togetherness among musicians and he thinks when they are all united no other group can penetrate through to destroy their business since music is what they are building their future on.

Source: ghanamusic.com